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IDEOMOTOR specializes in high-quality creative visual development for movie, animation as well as game industry. Gathering top Chinese and international artists, we provide all-inclusive visual development solution, from concept design, visual storyline development, to storyboard etc. Our mission is to bring fascinating visions to movies, animations and games, at the same time, we are determined to create our own film IP.

Visual Development means

"Developing through visual methods"

VISUAL DEVELOPMENT serves as a pivotal stage in the production process aimed at crafting and planning for films, games, animations, or other content-based industries. Originally pioneered in the animated film domain, it commonly runs concurrently with the "content development" phase. This segment typically falls within the planning and development stages of project production, employing visual tools and presentation formats like concept art, storyboards, graphic design, architectural design, CG, interactive design, and more for project development and strategic planning purposes.

Room #999,28 Guandongdian street ,3/F, East Gongxiao Building

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